Collarways Case Study

Collarways screen shot Collarways sell "great products for great pets". They started using Stockashop in 2009 and have seen a huge increase in traffic and sales at since then. They are also impressed by how easy to use the system is, and the many features it offers.

In the words of Gabriela Lerner of Collarways in October 2010: "Collarways have used the Stockashop eCommerce system for 18 months and have been delighted with the results. Having used a number of shop systems in the past we were attracted by the ease of use and extra features that Stockashop offered, such as the ability to add pages, sections and products easily and quickly, the built-in management of stock levels and shipping rates, plus a lot more."

"We have a number of people in our business who use the system and we have found that they pick it up really fast and with no need for special training. This has all helped us to keep the site up to date with latest products and special offers, which makes it more interesting for our customers. What we had not expected was that after changing our site to the Stockashop system we quickly increased the traffic to the store, and sales went up accordingly. In today's competitive online environment retailers need the kind of advantages that the Stockashop system offers, and we would recommend it to anyone thinking of selling online."

The Collarways Stockashop was designed by Dokumenta, an independent graphical design and photography studio. It is a completely self filled, maintained and search engine optimised site. We provided a Stockashop ecommerce website, and they did the rest.



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