Payment gateways

This is part of the Stockashop Manual, discussing your options for taking payment from your customers.

Stockashop never requests or stores credit card details. Instead, we have links to several payment gateways which take the money on your behalf.

Payment gateways fall into two categories: those that keep the money in their own accounts on your behalf (such as PayPal, NoChex and Google Checkout) and those that deposite funds immediately into your merchant bank account (such as SagePay and WorldPay). The former are easier to set up but have higher fees and they have more control over your money. The latter are recommended for more established shops with higher turnover. This is also discussed in our comprehensive PCI article.

We currently support the following payment gateways. WorldPay is coming very soon too:

Stockashops can also request payment by cheque and/or telephone.



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