Our Cookie Policy

This website uses cookies. Cookies are small bits of information which a website sends to your computer in order to identify you. They are used for things like remembering the items in your shopping basket, or remembering your name and address if you have placed a previous order.

Those kinds of cookies are often called "first party cookies". They are sent and used by the website itself, and the website wouldn't work without them.

There are also "third party cookies" which are generally sent by advertisers in order to provide advertising across many different websites.

Under EU law, you can opt-out of receiving third party cookies which are not essential for the operation of the website. Below is a list of all the cookies we use. At the bottom of the page, you can change your coookie consent preference.

First Party Cookies

This website uses the following first party cookies. All except the first are encoded or encrypted in some way. These cookies are essential to the functioning of the website.

  • Cookie consent cookie: We set a cookie to remember whether you agree to cookies or not.
  • Order cookie: When you first add an item to your shopping basket, we send you a cookie to remember your shopping basket id number in our database. Then when you add another item, both items will appear in your basket. This cookie expires after 10 days.
  • Visitor cookie: When you first fill in a form on our website, we send you a visitor cookie, to remember your visitor id number in our database. This happens on the checkout page, contact us page, and login page. This is so that when you return to the website, your details will already be filled in such as your name, email address, telephone number and postal address. This cookie expires after 100 days or when you log out.
  • Session cookie: The order and visitor cookies above are only referenced when you first open your browser or after about 30 minutes of inactivity. During the browser session your order and cookie information is stored in a separate session cookie until you close your browser or stop using it for a period of time.


This website uses Google Analytics to compile statistical information about our visitors and orders. Google sets a cookie to track your visit to the website. This is completely anonymous and for statistical purposes only. We believe it is essential to the functioning of the website.

Third Party Cookies

This website sets the following third party cookies:

Your current cookie consent preference for these cookies on this website is: not needed

If you would like to change your preference, answer this question:

Do you consent to receiving these extra third party cookies?
Yes I consent
No I do not consent



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