Stockashop website features

Stockashops websites are packed with features to make your web site as customer friendly as possible.

Having a Stockashop website gives you

  • Up to 10 email addresses
  • Webmail
  • SPAM protection
  • Virus scanning of incoming and outgoing email
  • Multiple domain names for a single site
  • Web statistics
  • Stockashop runs on a top-of-the-range server
  • And supported by a top-of-the-range hosting provider
  • Your site will be ready in just 1 or 2 days

General Stockashop features

  • Change all text on your website and override default
  • Multi language support
  • Multi currency support (PayPal accepts AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, JPY and USD)
  • Product search
  • Contact or enquiry form
  • Shopping basket with checkout and confirmation
  • 3 or more levels of navigation
  • Add new pages, products and product categories
  • All pages and products are search engine optimised
  • View customers and orders
  • Set discount vouchers with expiry dates
  • Give percentage discounts to members
  • SPAM filtering on enquiry and contact forms
  • CAPTCHAs (pictures with funny text) on enquiry/contact forms
  • Google analytics (if you provide your Google ID number)
  • Google verification (if you provide the verification code)
  • Automatic creation and submission of Google site map each night
  • Table-less Google friendly HTML and CSS
  • Menus are automatically generated and cached for performance
  • Control the header image and colours of your site
  • Multiple editors allowed on a site
  • Receive notifications whenever a page on your site is edited
  • Or receive one notification at the end of each day
  • Seach engine friendly titles and URLs (using URL rewriting)
  • Manage multiple shops with one set of login details
  • Adding HTML to site template (like Google ads)
  • Subsidiary pages are editable too - contact us, file not found, etc
  • We can provide an HTML snapshot of your site
  • Automatic weekly reordering*
  • Selling and accepting payment via credit*
  • Ability to have 3 column web sites
  • List your products in boxes or in vertical lists with summaries
  • Flyout (drop down) navigation menus

When editing a page

  • Fully editable page content, including HTML formatting
  • Several images allowed per page and one Flash movie
  • Limit who can view the page (by membership level)
  • Movies and video allowed
  • Specify separate page titles and navigation titles
  • Redirect a page to another page
  • Hide pages from the navigation
  • Specify text for the left hand column (and right if applicable)
  • Left and right column text can be inherited by pages lower down in the navigation hierarchy
  • Specify a different CSS class for a page for page-specific colours

When editing a product

  • Fully editable product description, including formatting
  • Sell downloads as products
  • Specify recommended products
  • Add differently priced variations/options to a product
  • Sitewide product options with codes and pictures available
  • Show new products first in listings
  • Specify a product's weight (used to compute shipping)
  • Specify how many of a product you have in stock
  • When a product has 0 stock, customers can no longer buy it
  • Enter a meta summary and description for a product
  • Resize or crop an image when you are uploading it
  • Specify a separate thumbnail to use on listing pages
  • Products can be placed on more than one page
  • To save time entering information, you can duplicate products
  • Deactivate products by un-setting their category

Order completion

  • Different tax options (no VAT, VAT included, VAT excluded)
  • Ship only to specified countrires
  • Compute shipping by subtotal or weight
  • Different shipping prices to different countries and continents, even to different UK post codes
  • Option to ask for a separate delivery address
  • Integration with PayPal
  • Integration with Protx now Sage Pay
  • Integration with Nochex
  • Payment by cheque or telephone
  • Receive an email whenever an order is made
  • Receive an email for products that are out of stock
  • Automatic weekly ordering processing*

Customer Management System

  • Customer login
  • Customer 'my account' with order history
  • Newsletter signup
  • Send bulk HTML emails to your customers (up to 500 customers)
  • Track opening of emails and clicking of links
  • Or send an email to one of our customers from your site
  • Automatically send emails to your customers on their birthdays
  • Members only pages with up to 4 levels of membership
  • Report on customers by date as an Excel spreadsheet
  • Export products in Google Base format and arrange for it to be automatically submitted each week
  • Merge duplicate customers into one entry

Order management

  • View paid (and failed payment) orders
  • Change the status of orders (to delivered or archived)
  • Send an automatic delivery note with orders
  • Report on order data by date as an Excel spreadsheet

* indicates that an add-on is required. Many features are included in the standard Stockashop package but you may need to request us to enable them. Italicised features definitely have to be enabled by Stockashop using CSS.



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