Logging into Your Stockashop

This is part of the Stockashop Manual. It discusses how to login to your Stockashop.

Logging in

Stockashop Login Along with your new website, you will receive an email address and password for logging into your new Stockashop. Visit the main Stockashop site and login using the box on the left as shown in the picture. Alternatively, your site may have its own Log in page (if your site allows for customer logins). Even more alternatively, you can type in your website address with "management/" on the end, such as http://www.yourshop.co.uk/management/ and login from there.

Management area

Management Area After logging in, you will get to a page like the one on the right. This is your "Management area". The left column now has an extra light grey box which shows who you are logged in as. As long as you are logged in, this box will show up on every page, with links back to your management area, and other links relevant to the page you're looking at. On the right are links to each of the main tasks you can perform in your Stockashop, such as editing the navigation menu, entering products or viewing your customers. This manual will go through each of these links in turn. All possible features are shown in the picture on the right - some of these may not be available in your site.



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