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Ecommerce websites from Stockashop are friendly, fully featured, content managed ecommerce solutions. They are tailored for businesses and individuals who want to sell online profitably and easily. Our prices bring you one great website with loads of features and web design. In fact everything you'll need to get your website launched and increase your sales and profits.


We offer a range of services for everyone from brand new businesses confused by all the hype about websites, to established businesses with specialist requirements, to existing websites who want to go up in the rankings:

Untangle the Web training session - half day workshop for new businesses who would like to make or remake their website, empowering you to make the right decision.?

Stockashop CMS websites - content managed information websites with a contact form, suitable for small businesses who don't need ecommerce. These sites are usually completed in a day.?

Stockashop ecommerce websites - fully featured ecommerce websites suitable for small to medium sized businesses who want to make the most of the Internet.?

Ecommerce consultancy - impartial advice for companies wanting an ecommerce website, includes specifying and commissioning.?

Search Engine Optimisation - once your website is in place, we can help you improve the position of your website in the search results.?

SEO Training we'll teach you how to get your site indexed in Google, and how to optimise it for your selected keywords. Half a day training.


Stockashop for Designers and Resellers Earn money with Stockashop

Actinic & OsCommerce vs Stockashop

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Ebay integration Ebay integration
You can now link your Stockashop website to your Ebay account. Then when you save your product in Stockashop, you can choose an Ebay category, and up it goes, with picture and description, ready to sell immediately as a "Buy It Now". You don't even have to login to Ebay.
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Product questions and reviewsReviews and feedback
Feedback is a great way to persuade your customers to buy from you, now your customers can rate your products. See it in action at our client's website Towels R Us.



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