Automatic Weekly Reordering ?500.00

Automatic Weekly Reordering

Automatic Weekly Reordering ?500.00

This is of the most recent additions to Stockashop, now proudly featured on the vegetable box delivery company We Love Local.

With this feature your customers will be able to buy credit through PayPal (or other payment provider) to credit their account.

You can then set up specific items which can be ordered every week or fortnight (or less frequently). If a customer adds one of these items to their shopping basket, it will be reordered every week at a preset time and deducted from their credit.

There's an overdraft facility, the ability to set up a weekly payment via PayPal, ability to skip orders if a customer goes on holiday, and lots of reporting options too.

It is a complex and comprehensive feature, developed for We Love Local, but ready to be used by any weekly delivery company. Please let us know if you think this would be appropriate for you.


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