What type of businesses are the websites for?

The new face of Stockashop

Stockashop websites are tailored for businesses and individuals who want to control their own websites,? sell online and have a beautiful, reliable website. See below for some suggested uses of Stockashop.

Suggested uses for Stockashop

  • Sell a catalogue of products online
  • Sell services online
  • Take deposits or credit card payments online
  • Sell publications online
  • Sell membership services / recommendations online
  • Sell music downloads online
  • Sell video and audio files online
  • Sell training materials online
  • Take regular monthly subscriptions
  • Regular ordering of products and services like a monthly hairdo or massage for example.
  • Use the website as a portfolio to sell photographs or paintings online
  • Sell tickets for events online, change the events regularly or change the website design for each activity like conferences and festivals
  • List recommendations
  • Design your own ecommerce website easily
  • Internet traders who want control of their online business.
  • Have a warehouse website and a series of smaller satelites websites


If you're an entrepreneur or business mentor, you may be interested in our reseller programme, so you can take advantage of our RESELLER RATES.


If you are a website or graphic designers, you can produce ecommerce websites for your own clients, using STOCKASHOP DESIGNER.? You can easily setup and white-label your own ecommerce and content managed websites.

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